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Iron Bonehead Productions

Necromante (Bra) "XI" - 12" LP

Necromante (Bra) "XI" - 12" LP

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After nearly five years of eerie silence (a super-limited live tape was released after the debut album), NECROMANTE return with their second full-length, XI. Immediately, it is felt: XI continues on from that celebrated first full-length AND spelunks in new dungeons altogether. For one, NECROMANTE's instrumental prowess has tightened whilst remaining requisitely loose; this allows their ever-deepening grasp of dynamics to penetrate the soul as well as boil the tension to an intense degree during the album's many hypnotic mid-tempo passages. To that, this subtly doomier aspect nods to ancient touchstones like classic Mortuary Drape, early Samael, and even touches of old deathrock; even with frequent yet well-timed bouts of violence, the aura of XI is funereal and more than a bit eerie. More than anything, NECROMANTE have perfected their sound within clearly marked boundaries, but more importantly have brewed potions of strong songwriting that work magickally within those boundaries. In turn, the vision of XI appears boundless and brilliant - ancient, epic, and literally UNDERGROUND!

Erase the last 30 years of "underground" black metal and one might hypothetically find NECROMANTE, working within a labyrinth of their own design, unmindful of the suffocating modernity around them. The arcane age bears the number XI!

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