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Exclusive Interview with Pito Mutilator of Nameless Tomb on the Upcoming Split Release with Witchcraft through Escafismo Records



  • Author: Philipp Kretschmer A.K.A Nadasdy Blacksnake 
  • Interviewed: Pito Mutilator (Nameless Tomb) 


- Hell-o Pito Mutilador, finally & for the first time Nameless Tomb will appear on a vinyl. Is not the first time you participate in a band that puts a vinyl out, but the first vinyl for Nameless Tomb so how does it feel? Do you hold vinyl higher than other formats such as tape or CD?  

PM: Vinyl is magical but I do listen to all formats as long as it is physical. As with each release it is exciting to hold the end product in my filthy hands. 


- As an extension to the question above- don't you think is time for Nameless Tomb to be put out on full lenght format? CD or LP. Is the way you compose songs in Nameless Tomb suitable for a full-lenght? I know the material is often composed out of a strong impulsive urge but not written in the long run or am I wrong?

PM: Everything has its time and place. If the right proposal comes along I will for sure write a full album. But to be honest Nameless Tomb serves only me. There is no demand, no fans, no expectations, no ambition only death, decay and rotten phantasies.Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law. No I have plenty of ideas that stuck with me for quite some time.


- Nameless Tomb, embodiment of the term rotten- both in sound & lyrics. May sound cliché but it still fits a lot. Do you have any prefer state of rot or death? If yes, describe in deatil please. 

PM: I think I find all stages of death fascinating. Gevatter Tod surrounds us at all times, his presence is undeniable and that is something beautiful in itself. In the end nothing matters, truly simply return to where everything began. You dissapear in the great limbo, the namless grey. I find peace in that idea, hence the fascination for death I reckon. 


- Is there a song you are the most pleased with & if so which one? If there is, you might have as well a song you like the least?

PM: I like all songs of Nameless Tomb ever written, since they represent a certain stage, they mark the beginning and the inevitable end at some point. They are all equally important to me. However, once the (de)compositions are released and out of my hands. Usually, I feel a relief. Similiar to a black cancerous growth that pierced through my acking abdomen. Horrbly infected and reeking of rotten and foul meat. Only exposing the very tip of the iceberg, I start to peel, itch, pickle and slowly pull out the tantalizing growth. It eventually reveals itself in all its glory. I can pull it out at once. Followed by a slush of brown blood it falls on the ground. I faint, the excruciating pain is to much to bear. I die from blood poisening after...something like that. 


- On „The Loathsome Atrocities...“ there is a song named „I wish I could kill you again (you fucking kunt Part III)“. What happaned with Part I & II? Besides of that, would you prefer to kill one person twice or two persons once each if you would have to chose?

PM:Part I and II will be released at some point in the future I guess. Eventhough the idea of killing someone might be appealing till some degree, I truly would not want to face everything that comes after. I think I would not do well in captivity. However, for the sake of the question, I would like to kill a person twice. Only to see what, why and how it would be possible to do so. 


- If you would have to write a name on the Nameless Tomb (let's say for something decent in return for you) which name it could be?

PM: On that tombstone or tomb a plaquette would say in mirror writing :“who can read this is a dumb cunt, fuck you, you fucking cunt part I“. 


- In terms of years, months, days, hours and seconds- what number you would estimate it still takes humanity to end & to extinguish?

PM: Well, if we are lucky our epoche will end sooner rather than later. However, I guess the reselience of  our species is undeniable. So probably after the next nuclear disaster we will see. 


- Imagine as a mind game you could travel back in time and attend one historical Metal event or concert that seems of high interest to you which would that be?

PM: Easy one, East Asia, Brazil and Colombia in the late 80ties. Imagine, seeing fucking Sarcofago live, all this wild and free energy ugh. Same goes for Colombia. To see the first shows of Reencarnacion, Parabellum, Sacrilegio,a dream. Imagine seeing Rator, early Impiety or mighty Abhorer live haha. 


- Back to Nameless Tomb, not that you put out a shit ton of releases but it's definitely your „busiest“ band ever in terms of quantity of releases. With one exception you played always in bands alongside other people. All bands with very individual paces. Is there a way to write music you like most? Alone or together with others? In what way Nameless Tomb is different to the others when it comes to how music is composed?

PM: Well, I enjoy the process of writing together the most. If you can unleash that energy and create something abhorrent together. Amazing, simply put. With Nameless Tomb, I take my time. Not so many impulsive moments. 


- Even if there is many Death Metal acts out there I cannot think of any band that sounds similar to Nameless Tomb and is still active. I could come up with some older bands but not contemporary ones. Your view on that? As an addition to the question, which bands inspired the sound in Nameless Tomb?

PM: Well, it is hard to judge from my perspective. I guess the biggest difference might be the absents of modern sound. The sound I create is not as raw as some „raw“ bands out there but also far away from the sterile and utter boring sound everyone seems to longing after. When it comes to inspiration the list would be to long for this interview. However, I must mention at least some records that are dear to my heart and therefore influence me blatantly. Mighty Abhorer (of corpse), Rator, Libation, Cenotaph (Mexico, demo and 7 inches, GODZ), Shub Niggurath, Damned Cross, Mystification (POL), Nuctemeron (POL, SING, BRA), Necrobutcher, Naked Whipper, Gutted Pulp, Disgrace (FIN), Cthonium, Lemengethon, old Pentacrostic and so many more...


- May you reveal whats planned next for Nameless Tomb? Will you record something in the devilish barn out there in Swedish woods? Or only when you're back in Black Bunker, where as far as I know, all Nameless Tomb stuff was recorded? Otherwise, thank you very much for your time & all the best for the future of nameless Tomb and your personal future too.

PM: I am in the mids of recording another split with an obscure German band. After that, I will see what happens. Waiting for an offer for a full lenght hehe. Thank you very much for that intveriew Mr. BlackSnake! 



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