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ESCR-LP001: Necrocarnation (INT) "Fragments of Dark Eternity" - 12" LP

ESCR-LP001: Necrocarnation (INT) "Fragments of Dark Eternity" - 12" LP

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First long awaited MLP by this blasphemous duo. Cacophonous and hypnotic War / Doom Metal from the depths of hell. These songs are hymns to darkness, and an aura of hateful malevolence surrounds them like a miasma. Recorded somewhere in South America in 2020 AB featuring members from Nocturnal Evil, Infernal Curse, Profanation, Expulsed Angel, Devoured Christ, Madre Coca and more. 


- Pressed on 140 grs vinyl. 

- Limited to ONLY 100 copies.

- Single sided LP (Label on side B comes printed with the old Escafismo's logo).

- Hand-numbered copies.

- Housed in a foldout coated 300gsm carton stock jacket with lyrics and pic of the band. 

- Comes with poster. 

Weight: 350 grs. 


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