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DeathFucker (IT) "God Devourer" - 12" LP *NEW IN STOCK*

DeathFucker (IT) "God Devourer" - 12" LP *NEW IN STOCK*

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Formed back in 2015 in the North of Italy by three devoted musicians, they unleashed their first demo tape “Fuck The Trinity” one year later, followed by the “Devil’s Fist” EP in 2019 and a split release with country fellows Morbus Grave later. It was in 2021 when they spawned the magnificient debut album “Firespawn” (Cavernous Records, 2021).

Now Deathfucker will bring forth the evil and demonic Metal through their second full length album “God Devourer”, a ten chapters invocation full of raging rythms , diabolic riffs and wicked vocals; the true essence of Death Metal. Taking diligently Morbid Angel’s 1986 album “Abominations Of Desolation” as reference and with the names of Necrovore, Incubus (Florida) or Pentagam (Chile) on the table, “God Devourer” faithfully will stand as a reference for current and upcoming generations and a bridge back to the early days of Death Metal when things were done the right way.

12" black vinyl LP including 2 sides printed insert and A2 size poster - 

Weight: 400 grs

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