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Windfall (Arg) "Spiritual Famine" - CDs

Windfall (Arg) "Spiritual Famine" - CDs

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WINDFALL from Buenos Aires are more or less active since 1994 but apart from a compilation of two old demos on cassette it took them 25 years to release their first full-length. The title track ‘Spiritual Famine’ starts with raw Black Metal enriched by a melodic lead guitar which offers some more melody to their raw fundament of old school Black Metal. ‘Tongues Burnt By The Truth’ even goes further back into the 90s and sounds a bit like a mixture of BURZUM and EMPEROR as they take the raw approach of BURZUM and mix it with some keyboards which offers a good complement to their sound. The lead guitar even offers some really melodic Scandinavian touched tunes. The vocals are raw but pretty well dozed so they don’t destroy the whole sound. ‘Salt Covered Wounds’ continues slower and has a more ambient approach so I guess the guys are really fans of BURZUM since the early days before the track turns to Black Metal again. ‘Circles Within Circles’ shows an interesting development away from the raw roots into a more melodic direction and is the best track of the album as it shows a good sense for melodies and songwriting and sounds like the direction they intend to take. ‘Signs Unveiled By The Light Of The Sun And The Moon’ cleverly combines their more melodic approach with their brutal roots and offers some pretty good Heavy Metal tunes, which fit very well into the track. ‘Conjuration Of The Four Elements’ turns into the more brutal direction again, but still with melodic guitars, before the last track ‘A Beast With A Thousand Names’ closes this first output with faster but still melodic Scandinavian rooted Black Metal. Definitely, the guys seem to have made a huge step forward but still are looking for their own sound. This seems to go into a more melodic direction but with a bunch of good ideas and talent, they definitely will make their way when they continue to follow this path.

Weight: 100 Grams.


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