•  AGREEMENT:  By purchasing from Escafismo Records you're agreeing to the Terms and Conditions listed below.
  • PRE-ORDERS: We sell records by pre-orders, it means that your buying an items that is not yet manufactured and therefore you agree to wait the necessary time until the item is ready. 

       We are not responsible for lost items or damaged items. All our products are always shipped well wrapped with carton stock + airball to avoid damages and since 7th May 2022 we only ship with registered mail to avoid any kind of problems.

* There is a always a chance of bends or creases sending records most of the times caused by mishandling of the postal service and we don't accept returns caused by them. Unfortunately we cannot accept returns on sale items or gift cards.

   * IMPORTANT: The purchase is binding and therefore is not possible to cancel it after 48hs.*


* We ship orders on Mondays at midday so if you place your order from Tuesday to Sunday (or Monday morning) you have to wait until next Monday to receive your tracking number and shipping confirmation.

POSTAGE: Prices are detailed below by zone. 

1. ESPAÑA:  Desde la fecha 07 de Mayo del 2022 todas las compras se envían solo y EXCLUSIVAMENTE por correo certificado (Número de seguimiento incluido).

    • Hasta 100 gramos: 3,70 € NUEVO!
    • 101 grs a 2KG: 3,90€ NUEVO! 
    • 2,1 kilos a 8 kilos: 5€ NUEVO


    2. Germany, Belgium, France, Netherlands, Luxembourg & Portugal:

    • Up to 100 grs: 7,55€
    • 101 grs to 500 grs: 11,70€ 
    • 501 grs to 2kg: 14,99€ NEW PRICE! *
    • 2.1kg to 5kg: 18,99 NEW PRICE! *

    3. Austria:

    • Up to 100 grs: 7,55€
    • 101 grs to 500 grs: 11.70€
    • 501 grs to 2kg: 16,50€ NEW PRICE! *
    • 2.1kg to 5kg: 21€ NEW PRICE! * 

    * Shipped through Mondial Relay: Trackable, door to door. 

       3. ZONE I:  (Not includes: Germany, Belgium, France, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Portugal, Albania, Armenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Cyprus, Georgia, Malta, Moldova and Russia)

     Shipping is ONLY added for Registered Mail, TRACKING NUMBER INCLUDED. 

    • Up to 100 grs: 7,55€ 
    • 101 grs to 500 grs: 11,70€
    • 501 grs to 1 kg: 18,10€
    • 1kg to 2kg: 26€
    • 2,1kg to 4kg: 41,71 *** 


        4. ZONE II: Albania, Armenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Cyprus, Georgia, Malta, Moldova & Russia. Added for registered mail. TRACKING NUMBER INCLUDED.

    • Up to 100 grs: 8,55€
    • 101 grs to 500 grs: 15,35€
    • 501 grs to 1 kg: 26,45€
    • 1,1 kg to 2kg: 42,50€
    • 2,1 kg to 3kg: 47,75 euros ***


       5REST OF THE WORLD: (Only by registered mail) 

    • Up to 100 grs: 9 euros
    • 101 grs to 500 grs: 15,35 euros 
    • 501 grs to 1 Kg: 26,45 euros
    • 1kg to 2 kg : 34 euros 
    • 2,1kg to 3kg: 39 euros *** 

    ***If your order exceeds 2kg, please mail us at: and we will find the most affordable price for your order. For example, we can ship your Cds without jewel cases or similar.  


    We understand the prices may seem expensive but they can’t be negotiated.

    Unfortunately, the Spanish national post increased the “registered” prices drastically on the 1st January 2022. So you must pay such high rates for tracking number. We are sorry about this situation but the Spanish post let no choice to their users, and please understand we don’t earn a cent on these prices. 

    If  for some reason postage is cheaper than expected and detailed above we will refund you the extra charge. Your satisfaction is our priority. 

    Disclaimer: we don't take advantage for shiping, please be free to ckeck the Spanish postal service clicking here.

    ***UPDATED: 5th July 2023***