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Ruohtta (Swe) "Gutna" - 12" LP

Ruohtta (Swe) "Gutna" - 12" LP

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 ◊ This first full-length album by Ruohtta begins with the ignition of a match (taulatikku) and departs in ashes (gutna). ◊ 

The music and lyrical content on the album may be seen as a continuation of the Reetessä EP although focusing on even darker and rawer sound territories. There are less ambient features and more straight forward Black metal aggression found here. The lyrics, performed in a mixed language of Meänkieli and Sámi, channelizes violent resistance, vengeance and dark oppressive history in the circumpolar region. Gutna does not hesitate, it goes directly for the throat.

Black vinyl limited to 81 copies. Comes with insert. 

Weight: 350 grs

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