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ESCR-043: Night Winters (PE) "Earth Hecatomb" - Pro tape

ESCR-043: Night Winters (PE) "Earth Hecatomb" - Pro tape

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Night Winters Demo Earth Hecatomb on Tape. Featuring 6 chants of Raw and Grim Peruvian Black Metal.

This piece of black art was recorded in MMXXII and keeps the flames of Ancients Cults alive, which contains lyrical passages about human decadence and his eminent destruction.
The funereal winds of the South will resound again!


- High and professional duplicates tapes.
- Limited to ONLY 50 copies.
- Black & Silver cassette tape shells. 25 Black / 25 Silver.
- Pro printed J-card with lyrics.
Weight: 70 grs 
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