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Down With the Most High

Mythical (Unknown) "Under Mayhemic Dethronement" - Pro tape

Mythical (Unknown) "Under Mayhemic Dethronement" - Pro tape

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Mythical crawled and long hath dwelled upon the crypts of doom as an atavistic Black Metal entity whose conception and descent are meant to remain beyond the unhallowed depths of obscurity. To evoke the ancient spirit of the genre since its cult splendorous era of mystifying darkness, this anthology compiles of three demo recordings plus two tracks from an unreleased session, marking the initial outburst towards a fainted eternity and chaos. Where the dark spirit of the late 80s and early 90s meets the halo of primeval legacy of the Hellenic scene, as interspersed with hails to the epic of Absu and the intricate enthralling of Master’s Hammer. An unyielding and brutal punishing approach. A merciless onslaught devoid of delicacies and compromises.

Pro-duplicated black shell cassette imprinted on white ink and 5 panel Jcard insert on B&W heavy matte stock paper.

Weight: 70 grs

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