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ESCR-017: Goatkraft (Nor) "Barbaric Hatred and Doom" - Cassette

ESCR-017: Goatkraft (Nor) "Barbaric Hatred and Doom" - Cassette

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A compilation of unreleased tracks of fast, penetrating, violent, sadistic and bloody Black / Death Metal from Norway. It will include covers to Bathory, Sarcofago, Bestial Warlust, Blasphemy, Black Witchery, Beherit and Goatpenis. 

*This release is dedicated to SABBAOTH (1970 - 2021) from the mighty Goatpenis. 


  • Black tapes with red onbody print. 
  • Red tapes with black onbody print.
  • 6 panel pro printed J-card. 
  • Sealed from factory.
  • Release limited to 100 copies. 
  • Track List: 


  1. Summoning of Evil.
  2. Deathstorms.
  3. Burial Prophet.
  4. Bestial Desecration. 
  5. The Temple of Infernal Fire.
  6. Massacre (Bathory cover).


  1. Satanic Lust (Sarcofago cover)
  2. Ritual (Blasphemy cover)
  3. Black Arts (Beherit cover)
  4. Darkness Attack (Black Witchery cover) 
  5. Left for Votures (Bestial Warlust cover) 
  6. ICBM (Goatpenis cover) 

Weight: 70 grams. 

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