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Bestial Summoning (NL) "The Dark War Continues" - CDs

Bestial Summoning (NL) "The Dark War Continues" - CDs

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Bestial Summoning’s aptly titled “The Dark War Continues” is a compilation half of which consists of their only full length “The Dark War Has Begun” and the latter half being live and demo material. Not surprisingly there’s a disparity between the two halves of the album. The “Begun” material is of pretty good sound quality, considering this is raw black metal. Not too clean and flawless, but every riff is audible and doesn’t sound like it was taped in the basement of the drummer’s parents’ house (or in the Dutch sewer system). A good level of griminess if there was such a thing, as an overly-polished sound often ruins the fun of blasphemous devil music. “Begun” itself is a gem of crude, destructive black metal, Bestial Summoning no doubt taking influence from bands like VON, Sarcofago, Bathory, etc. and comparable to the “newer” wave of primitive black metal (newer being two decades ago): Archgoat, Black Witchery, Profanatica, Blasphemy, the obvious Beherit, and so on.

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