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Vociferous (Pol) "Vociferous" - CDs

Vociferous (Pol) "Vociferous" - CDs

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Debut album of VOCIFEROUS is a murderous dose of grim metal from the ’90s. Over 40 minutes of raw music and uncompromising message. Anti-christian, blasphemous black/thrash with raw sound. This music is for the fans of old school metal without any fucking useless ornaments. Unpure, dark, primal destruction.
Album released in a standard case. Cover art – Perversor. Limited to 1000 hand numbered copies.
VOCIFEROUS : Hellscreamaross – Vocals (Exhalation, Witchfuck), Achab – Guitar, Vocals, BeerTerror – Bass (Witchfuck), Armagog – Drums (Mystes, Embrional, Witchfuck)

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