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ESCR-042: Estenosis (ES) "Orgía Necrofílica" - Pro tape

ESCR-042: Estenosis (ES) "Orgía Necrofílica" - Pro tape

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Third demo from this Spanish act of pure gore-worshipping, murderous filth.

"18 tracks of depraved, mid-paced Black Metal of Death, in the veins of Goatlord, Witchcraft, Entumbus, etc, mixed with raw, disemboweling Deathgrind music, in the veins of Necrony, early Napalm Death and Repulsion. A combination sounding somewhere along the lines of Loathsomeness, the Finnish abomination by Witchcraft members" (Rites of Pestilence) 


- High quality and professionally duplicated tapes. 

- Lim to ONLY 50 copies.

- Black tapes with black on body print. 

- Pro printed J-card.

- Sealed from factory. 

 Weight: 70 grs

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