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PRE-ORDER: Veitsi (Fin) "Rautaa & Verta" - 7" Vinyl

PRE-ORDER: Veitsi (Fin) "Rautaa & Verta" - 7" Vinyl

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We proudly present the highly anticipated new EP by Veitsi "Rautaa & Verta". Another tremendous act of feral and barbaric Pagan Black Metal rooted in the Scandinavian tradition brimming heathen fury and triumphant stomps reminiscing some of the most incredible pagan worship acts such like Arckanum, Volahn, Wulkanaz and Kestrel. 


  • 7" black vinyl lim to 200 copies
  • Inside-out printed sleeve 
  • Pre-orders include an A6 size booklet printed on silver metallic paper

Weight: 100grs 

NOTE: Postage for this item will enter into an up to 500 grams post rate, so beside of this item you can also include up to 4 tapes or 3 EP's or 3 CDs or 1 LP or 1 T-shirt, there will be no additional postage, shipping costs remaining the same as for one 7"


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