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ESCR-020 Heyf (Iraq / Brazil) "Spectra" - Cassette

ESCR-020 Heyf (Iraq / Brazil) "Spectra" - Cassette

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A horrid waltz between anger and suffering, a cruel marriage of raw black metal and gloom harmony, both equal, both poisonous, Heyf offers his oath to the raped, to the forsaken, grey haze of oblivion, hand by hand over the scorched soil, the pathless journey to the true mourning, of cold days,and nights flashed in crimsom pain, nameless graves, the heartless face of war, as ghouls howling for air, claiming their chant in the middle of the most absolute melancholy of the total loss.

We have been honoured, to rise their Grief, on analogue hate, a monument of ashes with 6 pillars of never-ending sadness and demise. "Spectra" is an obsecration/atonement executed with violence, and passion, and as you know, violence and passion mean pain...

Heyf is the need to purge the abysmal loss of friends and relatives in the actual Kurdish extermination, a necessary story of war, where 2 spectres from Brazil and Iraq burn his prayers to the void.

Details (Regular pro tape version):

  • Black Tapes with white on body print.
  • Sealed from factory.
  • Pro printed J-card.
  • Redeem code for Bandcamp.

Details (Deluxe version):

  • Red Tapes with silver on body print. 
  • Alternate J-card color printed on 300 grams cardboard.
  • Slipcase printed on 300 grams cardboard.
  • Redeem code for Bandcamp. 

Weight: 70 grams. 

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