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ESCR-051: Herugrim (Fin) "S/T" - 7" Vinyl

ESCR-051: Herugrim (Fin) "S/T" - 7" Vinyl

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The highly acclaimed debut demo by Herugrim reissued in a limited edition of 200 copies on 7" vinyl. 


- Black vinyl. 

- Limited to 200 copies.

- Inside-out printed sleeve.

*First 50 copies comes dedicated to the owner*
Weight: 100 grs 

NOTE: Postage for this item will enter into an up to 500 grams post rate, so beside of this item you can also include up to 4 tapes or 3 EP's or 3 CDs or 1 LP or 1 T-shirt, there will be no additional postage, shipping costs remaining the same as for one 7"

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