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ESCR-021 The Enshrouded Eye (US) "Demo I" - Cassette

ESCR-021 The Enshrouded Eye (US) "Demo I" - Cassette

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Where humanity ends, and the so-called soul dwells in the rapt nothingness,  The Enshrouded Eye lies, as a wraith chained to the floor, crowned in thorns, blinded in perpetual hatred,  against life, love or joy, a building of pain, appears into the chasm of the worst asceticism, there is no forest, no creatures, no gods, his manifesto, an army of one! Our next scar “The Enshrouded Eye – Demo I” 4 nails on your chest, hammered on pro tape, with cold and pure precision!!!

Details (Regular version):

  • Black Tapes with white on body print.
  • Sealed from factory.
  • Pro printed J-card.

Details (Deluxe version):

  • Golden Tapes with black on body print. 
  • Alternate J-card color printed on 300 grams cardboard.
  • Slipcase printed on 300 grams cardboard.

Weight: 70 grs.

 *Postage for one cassette is ridiculously expensive so we suggest you mixed with other items or get our batch (You will save money). For same postage you can get :

5 tapes

3 tapes + 1 CD

3Cds + 1 tape


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