Pre-Order: ESCR-018 Arna (Spain) "Dragged to a Lunar Grave" - Pro Tape


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A silver chain to bound the futility of the human soul, the hexes has been unleashed, stranggling the day, chocking the light, ARNA rise their first Opus to the Moon, as a moth pounding his hope against the walls of blackness, begging for more, Arna leads you to the painful absence of joy, the total negation of false light…
We proudly present on magnetic tape, “Dragged to a Lunar Grave” their first sacrifice, claiming you, claiming us, to the cold womb, where we belong, all for her Majesty, salve luna, dive!!


  • Black Tapes with white on body print.
  • Sealed from factory.
  • Pro printed J-card.
  • Redeem code for Bandcamp.

Weight: 70 grams. 

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Due to delays on manufacturing caused by high demand we're still waiting for  the copies of this release.

*Expected release: beginning of August. 

*Please, purchased this item ONLY if you're willing to wait that time. 

*Postage for one cassette is ridiculously expensive so we suggest you mixed with other items or get our batch (You will save money).

*For the same postage you can get up to:

5 tapes 

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