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Nyctophilia (Pol) "Ad Mortem Et Tenebrae" - CDs

Nyctophilia (Pol) "Ad Mortem Et Tenebrae" - CDs

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NYCTOPHILIA unveils Ad Mortem Et Tenebrae, the band's fourth album overall and exactly one year after predecessor Darkness Calls Upon Me. Unlike so much (or most?) one-man black metal, Grief strikes hard with a definitively human touch; no withered, effete drum-programming nor overly processed direct-line guitars are to be found within Ad Mortem Et Tenebrae. Instead, across the 42 minutes comprising the album, NYCTOPHILIA runs riot across myriad classicist-minded black metal tropes - hypnotic Burzumic trance, rotten Darkthroned rocking, grim Immortalized fury, atmospheric tundra drift - and often within the same song, each of these five epics exuding the passion and emotion that can only come from truly organic creation. As such, Ad Mortem Et Tenebrae is pure-as-snow blast from old times, taking the listener on a journey through the unknown realms of the mind and soul. 

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