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Nominon (Swe) "Diabolical Bloodshed" - CDs "Black Friday"

Nominon (Swe) "Diabolical Bloodshed" - CDs "Black Friday"

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Reissue of this equivalent of a horde of ravenous daemons arising from the depths of hell for the shear pleasure of ripping and devouring human flesh (with the occasional desecration of something sacrosanct). In other words, the album cover does justice in representing the music. The production is rather excellent, being audible but not too clean and still gives the necessary elements to the grit that they need. It also gives audibility to my most favorite and sometimes underrated element - the bass, which of course the band makes wonderful use of whether it be at the beginning of a song, such as "Servants of the Moonlight", or a break in-between (with the example being the opener "Malicious Torment").

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