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Urtod Void

Nebran (Ger) // Zmyrna (Cze) "Split" - Pro tape

Nebran (Ger) // Zmyrna (Cze) "Split" - Pro tape

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We’re going back in time. On the one hand in snowy, liveless and rough landscapes that Nebran reveals and reminds of old releases by bands that you are no longer allowed to pronounce on all those stupid social media. Black Metal only seems to polarize and that on all fronts, we can’t agree with that, because all your concerns are irrelevant. Follow your will and not earthly matters. On the Nebran side you will find a perfect mix of old German/Norse Black Metal. On the other hand, Zmyrna tie in with the sound of their first release. We get medieval Black Metal with a lot of atmospheric and acoustic elements. Here you can clearly feel that Zmyrna are basically orienting themselves more towards old school metal – above all towards Czech or Slovak releases. Hear the sorrow howling down the corridors!

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