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ESCR-041: Herugrim (Fin) "Demo MMXXII" - Pro tape

ESCR-041: Herugrim (Fin) "Demo MMXXII" - Pro tape

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A very harmonious black metal, sometimes even injecting heavy metal guitar solos in their composition and some folk motifs, either instrumentally or with clean singing. That harmony and beauty that is shamelessly cultivated on some sections which are much tamer and docile greatly contrast with the fiercer, violent and even slightly less harmonious ones showing another side of them. A wilder and relentless one, that surely fits this music since it is so deeply entranced in nature. 

Description by Mão da Glória.  



- High quality and professionally duplicated tapes. 

- Lim to ONLY 50 copies. 

- White tapes with black on body print. 

- Pro printed J-card. 

- Redeem code for Bandcamp.

weight: 70 grs 

***OUT IN JANUARY 2023***

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