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ESCR-014: Kvltmor (Rus) "XIII Ritual" - Cassette

ESCR-014: Kvltmor (Rus) "XIII Ritual" - Cassette

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 Bandcamp codes for free: Nocturnal Tyrant, Nirranthea, Bastard Altar & Hearthlassier. 

 Quimbanda themed Russian Black Metal. Spewing curses to the human race, Kvltmor unleashed their EP debut on pro tape lim to 100 copies.


  • Professionally duplicated
  • Black shell with red on body print
  • Red shell with black on body print (small run of 20 tapes)
  • Pro-printed J-card
  • UV print directly on tape shells (NO LABELS!)

    Weight: 70 grs.

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