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Black Seeds Productions

Crimson Relic (US) "Purgatory's Reign" - 12" LP

Crimson Relic (US) "Purgatory's Reign" - 12" LP

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When back in 1995 US Death Metal band Divine Eve disbanded, main songwritter Xan Hammack relocated to California from Texas, and with the help of drummer Rhett Davis (Morgion / Gravehill / Stygian Crown) he decided to record the songs intended for the Divine Eve debut full length album under a new banner, calling it CRIMSON RELIC.

“Purgatory’s Reign” was recorded in July 1995 and originally released in CD and cassette on Radiation Records (Nuclear Blast sublabel) in 1996, becoming immediately a true gem of underground US Death Metal, somewhat underrated but a fave of die hard Death Metal fans all around the globe.

After the 2018 CD reissue by Dark Descent Records, in 2023 BlackSeed Productions decided that it was the right time for a proper treatment of this Crimson Relic album with a vinyl reissue. Layout has been re-adapted for the bigger 12” size and some details fixed with the help of own Xan Hammack to make this edition the definitive one for this Death Metal classic.

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