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Amon (Cze) "Realm of Evil" - 12" LP

Amon (Cze) "Realm of Evil" - 12" LP

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With Big Boss (drums) and Dr. Fé (vocals) being part of Root and recording three demos between May 1988 and February 1989, it was obvious that these two strong characters could not be playing in the same band any more. Soon after the recording of the third Root demo tape “Messengers from Darkness”, Dr. Fé is out of the band; not enough clear if he was kicked off by Big Boss or if he decided lo leave by his own. After some months of inactivity, Dr. Fé created in September 1989 a new band, called Amon. Taking up Dr. Fé the post of ‘Black Metal Narrator’, the rest of the band was formed by Aleš Krejčí (bass), Lada Toman (guitar) and Karel Bosak (drums).

With this line-up, Amon recorded in May 1990 their debut demo tape, called “Realm Of Evil”, at the Chickenhouse Studio in Brno. Eight songs of raw proto Black Metal, drawing influences from classic Hellhammer / Celtic Frost / Venom as well as a strong influence from the sound of contemporaneous bands like Root, Master’s Hammer, Tudor…

In December 1990, a new guitar player joins Amon, Lada ‘Larva’ Krupica, making the sound of Amon heavier but still obscure and evil. As a five-piece band, Amon enters in March 1991 the Contraptak Studio (Brno) in order to record their second demo “Kniha Smrti" (“The Book of Death”), including seven songs not far from the sound of their first demo but more personal.

During mid-late 1991 two members decide to leave the band, Lada Toman (guitar) due to religious and ideological differences, and Aleš Krejčí (bass) as he joined the army, being this last one replaced by Zdeněk Schmidt. Again as a four piece band, they recorded their third demo tape “Call the Master!” in May 1992, with Big Boss (Root) as special guest on additional vocals. This classic recording was released in CD format in 1993 by German label Nazguls Eyrie Prod, and years later (2009) re-issued on vinyl by Doomentia Records, and later (2021) again in vinyl by Nasphyr Records.

At this point, and being Amon active during some periods until 2013, it was in early 2023 when Spanish label BlackSeed Productions decided to pay tribute to Amon contacting Dr. Fé and offering to release their 2 first demos “Realm Of evil” and “Kniha Smrti" in vinyl format. The agreement was sealed and own Dr. Fé provided the label with some rare never seen pictures of the band from those demo days, and supervised the LP layouts from the hospital to preserve the essence of the old tape releases.

With the decease of Dr. Fé on April 20th, 2023 a leading figure of the classic Czech & European Black Metal scene is gone forever. May these posthumous Amon vinyl reissues serve as homage to him.

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