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Abatuar (Pan) "Vejación De La Bestia / Fosa Común" - DIGI CDs

Abatuar (Pan) "Vejación De La Bestia / Fosa Común" - DIGI CDs

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Compilation "Vejación de la Bestia / Fosa Común" 
What the listener encounters is a severe and stark onslaught, where production is precisely a double-edged sword. On the one hand they sound real and wild, but on the other, mediocre and chaotic. 
We can clearly see, how you can divide and distinguish both assaults, obviously ordered chronologically. 
The first onslaught is characterized by a sharper sound within what fits. In addition, as the first 3 tracks go by, you will see that Carcass' influence in the time of the "Simphonies Of Sickness" is more than evident. 
The second attack, despite being more recent, is curiously dirtier and more confused. The weight of the delgoregrindparents is diluted, thus gaining their own personality. However, the compositions are less accurate. 
The riffs are tremendously murderous. We discovered some to a rope, others of a totally grind character, and even thrash brushstrokes during the course of this collection. On the other hand, the use of guitar solos is welcome. 
Vocal tonalities move between the predominant torn treble, and the slight brushstrokes of low deathgrowls. 
The batteries are as fast as they are effective, moving comfortably between blastbeats and slower moments. 
The rickety van I used to transport corpses broke down a few kilometers from its destination, so I had to carry the deceased throughout that journey. When I finally arrived at the ramshackle and abandoned hospital, my lungs were deserved, and I decided to rest for a moment. Once I felt strong again, I looked for a wheelchair where to transport that lifeless body. I deposited it there. Then, cross that damp corridor, until I finally entered the autopsy room. Not without a clear effort, I threw it back on my shoulder, and finally put it on the table where I could remove and study its best organs. I took out the scalpel, and I looked at it as if I had never had any in my hand. Next, I proceeded to make the first incision. The dissection, almost without realizing it... had already begun! 

Weight: 70 grams. 


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