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ABATUAR (PAN) "Perversiones De Muerte Putrefacta" - CDS

ABATUAR (PAN) "Perversiones De Muerte Putrefacta" - CDS

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ABATUAR is the work of one madman named Cadaver. He burst onto the scene in 2014 with the debut demo Vejación de la Bestia, which was followed a year later by another demo, titled Fosa Común. So impressed with ABATUAR's raw 'n' rabid savagery, DUNKELHEIT compiled both demos onto CD format and released it toward the end of 2015, thereby giving this cult the international exposure it so requires. However, from those humble beginnings explodes ABATUAR's sickest and most depraved work yet: Perversiones De Muerte Putrefacta.

In a mere 31 minutes across a dozen disgusting tracks, Perversiones De Muerte Putrefacta encapsulates the ABATUAR experience: ceaselessly violent, virulent blackgrind with a swarming-from-all-sides sensation. In many respects, the band's bristling, burly attack slots itself well into the modern bestial metal paradigm, but its root foundations go deeper and further back toward grindcore cults like Reencarnacion, Parabellum, Napalm Death, and Repulsion - or, in other words, even when chaos seems to reign, ABATUAR never forgets the fundamental power of the riff. One filthy 'n' furious attack after another, the power put forth by Perversiones De Muerte Putrefacta is simply overwhelming - and overwhelmingly crushing.

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