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Ἑωσφόρος (Py) "Gnosis Lucifero Heterodoxia" - Pro Tape

Ἑωσφόρος (Py) "Gnosis Lucifero Heterodoxia" - Pro Tape

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Demo Tape featuring 3 chants of poisonous and atmospheric Paraguayan Black/Death Metal.

This gem was recorded in the middle of 2020 and mixes elements of traditional Black/Death Metal with the Dark and Ritualistic sounds of the underground which contains lyrical passages of darkness, death, mythology/eschatology, anti-christianity, and ethnic/tribal paganism.
.:¡Fermento de los tiempos, mi voz es tu fuego ígneo. Al amanecer contemplador de los haces abismales!:.
Comes housed in engraved box. Includes mini-booklet with lyrics and pictures. 
Weight: 70 grs 
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