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ESCR-044: Necronymous (Col) "Más Allá del Firmamento" - Pro tape

ESCR-044: Necronymous (Col) "Más Allá del Firmamento" - Pro tape

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"The debut of this solo act, hailing from Colombia.

A fine start for this project, not only embracing black metal but also fusing with it great elements of folk and synth melodies, and even completely isolated from black metal.

A harmonious festival that not only contains a powerful black metal but also a fragile and ethereal side conveying a higher degree of melancholy.

Such a marvellous record either in terms of songwriting or even instrumental." 

Description by Mão da Glória. 


- High quality and professionally duplicated tapes. 

- Lim to ONLY 50 copies.

- Silver cassette tape shells with black on-body print.

- J-card printed on deluxe 120g silver metallic paper. 

- Redeem code for Bandcamp. 

Weight: 70 grs 


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