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Master Of Cruelty(Py) "Archaic Visions Of The Underworld" - CDs

Master Of Cruelty(Py) "Archaic Visions Of The Underworld" - CDs

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The second full-length studio album. Mortem Prima Lex”, which loosely translates to “Death of the first law” from Latin, is the first song of the album. A 2-minute morose track that feels like an invitation to hell, it is as creepy as a track can get. Eerie whispers set to a haunting melody that one can imagine this is what dead souls get to listen to on their way to damnation. “Archaic Visions of the Underworld” is the next track and it bursts forth almost like Doom Metal track. Growling vocals accompany this track right from the start and the melody moves along lethargically. The track varies in its pace, from deliberate slow lethargic plodding to fast-paced frenzied riffs set to rapid pounding drums.“The Executioner” blazes from the beginning with a hurried riff and rasping lead vocals. A Thrash metal song at heart, this track jumps from riff to riff to keep the listener interested. This is the standout song of the album for me and it reminds one of early 80’s music that preceded what eventually became Thrash Metal. “Spheres of Time” has an intensely enjoyable groove riff in the beginning. The riff is heard throughout the track although entwined with hasty riffs. There are plenty of headbang-able riffs throughout the song and it doesn’t let up in intensity. “Mythological Creatures” begins with a vicious riff that is backed by savage double bass drumming before the melody slows down to introduce a thrash riff that would make fans of Metal bob their head ferociously. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!

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