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Magnanimvs (Chile) "Impure Ways Beyond Shadows" - CDs

Magnanimvs (Chile) "Impure Ways Beyond Shadows" - CDs

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The insane trio that has been making a scandal and watering blood and plague, since 2001 and after several changes and dramas within the formation (It will be because of how crazy each of them are), and to a series of demos, an Lp vomited in 2006 and another Split is that now at the beginning of 2018, they launch their new insult against the entire human race.

This time it all starts with "Black Wind Divinity", which as an offering captures the disgusting sound emanated by the flycatcher that lives inside the rehearsal room of MAGNANIMVS ... and suddenly a whole butcher shop "Rising the Misery Subjugator" comes, which brings more rot to his pets. The thing about these real insane is deranged, deafening, unhealthy and extreme. It's a real kick in the head or an axe in the jugular!!! Like the lyrics, those that only include darkness, paganisms and blasphemies of all kinds and against everyone. In the purest style of other extreme cultists that we have in Chile, I refer to bands like: Unaussprechlichen Kulten or Disembowel, to name a few.

While the average duration of each song is four minutes, they are so fast and breathless that they already go on the fourth track. 

Weight: 110 grams.


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