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Dunkelheit Produktionen


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Transparent tape with pro-cover.

Powerful and painful are the words with which the sounds of Wijsgeer & Narreman, the first life signs of the Dutch LASTER, are illustrated best. Looping lamentation and genuine gloom brought to life by songs which leave the standard of DSBM far behind. Floating riffs, melancholic and full of grace, rolling drums and pressing lyrics tell stories about the pain that was lived through and artistic musicianship. This music's pathos aspirated by energy standing up, again and again, to fade within monotonous doubt and to indulge in blind despair. LASTER, however, is no whiny band of wimps, but emotional, true Black Metal who are worth believing in. For fans of URFAUST and AUSTERE. Limited to 100.

Weight: 70 grs