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Urtod Void

Grimdor (Int) "The Shadow of the Past" -12" LP

Grimdor (Int) "The Shadow of the Past" -12" LP

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Grimdor is a black metal/dungeon synth project based on the stories of Tolkien. You won’t find clear and complex songs here, the band focuses much more on LoFi quality and catchy song structures like the early second wave of black metal. The simplicity of the early 90s, primitively produced songs/rehearsals that in no way reinvent the wheel – these are raw, arcane and ancients sounds. Different places and stories are thematically treated, some of which deal with Erebor, Khazad-dûm but also the tragedy of Turin and Niníel. “The Shadow of the Past” is a collection of diverse works originally released as EP or single. May our paths cross on the Lonely Mountain!

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