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Life Eternal Productions

Glasnik Smrti (Serbia) "Demo br. I" - Pro Tape ***New in Stock***

Glasnik Smrti (Serbia) "Demo br. I" - Pro Tape ***New in Stock***

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LEP is very proud to have the new horde Гласник смрти from Serbia join the congregation! Even though this is a first demo, expect no clueless newcomers: They hail the darkest moments and the mechanic pounding drum sound of Bombarder’s “Bez Milosti” and take it to another plane of terror and Cruelty. The three Deathspeed slashers are concluded by a Serbian tribute to a ROOT classic!

A final mix by Birger Schwidop/Harvest of Eyes and a mastering by James Plotkin ensure a “nuclear war, six feet in the grave”-sound!

Weight: 70 grs

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