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Genuflexion (Arg) "Apoteosis Fallida" - CDs

Genuflexion (Arg) "Apoteosis Fallida" - CDs

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The band’s name derives from the act of bowing your knee to the ground and using this metaphor the second full-length by GENUFLEXION is a profound bow to the second wave of Black Metal. Especially the sound is a heavy reminder of the famous EMPEROR / ENSLAVED split release from 1993. Only the corpse paint is missing on the band’s promo pic. All lyrics are in the Spanish language. Originally the album was released back in 2018 on cassette, but now it is out in CD format and digital available for the first time via the band’s Bandcamp site ( Besides the above-mentioned bands we have a close resemblance to early works of SATYRICON, DARKTHRONE, MAYHEM, and GORGOROTH. Sounds like the Norwegian scene in the time from 1991 up to 1995 is re-animated. So far, so good.  Talking about Black Metal from Norway in the first half of the 1990s incorporates different approaches. Sometimes aggressive, grim and rather simple, sometimes more challenging considering songwriting and technique, sometimes a more atmospheric kind of music. To me, it seems like GENUFLEXION took all the above-mentioned bands and blended it all together in seven songs. So the outcome is a sonic stew, depriving each forerunner of Black Metal of its own characteristics.

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