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Feretro (Chile) "Deathsolation" - CDs

Feretro (Chile) "Deathsolation" - CDs

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While the scumfuck addicts know very well Chilean death metal tastes and reeks in a quite putrid/ bestial manner, it's cool to discover metal bands from these burning lands that sound a bit more "sober". Even if they're from Chile, FERETRO sounds closer to old European death metal (And also the old American one) than many of their deaththrashing casket neighbours. The style is influenced by old MORGOTH (For the fast riffs and doomier moments, & some vocals), early DEATH (For the thrashing death), old MASSACRE (For the same reason), old OBITUARY (For a couple of slower moments, and few vocal touches).
Well, I think you got the morbid point, it's early 90's DM. This said you can also find some fast blasts that might sounds like early DEICIDE or ALTARS (Hol/ First albums).
Well, I'm here sitting with my pen, and I really retain from quoting more "obscure" band names, because I have a cavern full of names to drop such as NERLICH (Fin), a little of VIOGRESSION...FERETRO is a cool/ very cool old school death metal band to listen to, this remains classical DM in the style (so perhaps some morbid minds will complain), but that's not a problem for me and I can dig subterranean holes listen to this MCD.
In the cavern, I dwell.
In the subterranean holes, I bury the juicy corpses.

Weight: 100 Grams.


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