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BLOODY VENGEANCE (CHILE) "Falling Into The Occult" - CDs

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How to define what Bloody Vengeance does? Black Metal? Black/Thrash? Death/Thrash? Well, it doesn't really matter too much, suffice it to say that it's aggressive, dark, violent, furious metal, as it always has been and as it always should be.

Bloody Vengeance is a duo originally from Valdivia, composed by Tormentor Of The Holy Trinity on guitars, bass and vocals along with SkullcrusherHammer on drums and vocals (who has also participated in bands such as Batallion or Hades Archer). Its sound is somewhat complicated to describe, suffice it to say that if we look for references we could name bands as dissimilar as Vulcano, Beherit, Sarcophagus or Katharsis for just giving some that come to mind.

It's a short work (just 26 minutes long) but intense. He follows the path traced on his previous album, but has a somewhat gloomy atmosphere, a little heavier, slightly closer to Black Metal. The riffs are wild, aggressive, at times frantic, cold and sharp. The drums provide several nuances, for example, it goes from setting the rhythm at medium speed in "Embraced By Darkness" to mercilessly machine-machineering in "Expel The Spirit Through The Blood" or in "Visions From The Darkest Past". The scratchy style of the voices makes them distinguishable without major difficulties while maintaining the dark and aggressive aura of their music.

The album has been released by Proselytism in Jewelcase CD format, leaving aside the giant digipack format characteristic of the label. It includes an insert with the lyrics translated into Spanish, something that I had already seen previously in other releases of the label (the "Hail To Fire" by Slaughtbbath to be exact) and that I think is a very good idea.

Solid work of the Valdivian horde, if you liked your previous works with this album you go for sure, too bad it's so short, but as they say out there, of the good little. A more than welcome addition to the collection of any follower of wild and hateful metal that floods the underground.

Weight: 100 grams.