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Putrid Evocation (Chile) "Echoes Of Death" - CDs

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Under the title of "Echoes of Death" we are presented with this work of putrid and malevolent Death Metal highly influenced by old-school bands, both Yankee and European, which takes as a reference pioneering bands such as NIHILIST or the early AUTOPSY. The album consists of 7 own songs, plus an intro (which is actually an instrumental song) and a version of "Putrid Intercourse"; a song extracted from the mythical 1991 LP, "World Without God", by the Finns CONVULSE, passed through the dirty sieve of PUTRID EVOCATION.

The group is formed by B. Nekroskull on guitar and vocals, R. Impal to the bass and vocals and K. to the drums, and between the three there is enough and leftovers to give birth to this pandemonium of dark and oppressive atmospheres and rhythms that alternate between the slow and decadent passages, and the fast and stark parts. The production is authentically Old School, with raw guitars, great presence of bass, cavernous and distorted and organic and direct drums, which wrap a diabolical voice, in a somber and reverberant mixture.

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