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MORTIFY (CHILE) "Mortuary Remains" - CDs

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The Chilean band unleash their long-awaited debut LP "Mortuary Remains". Work that from the presentation offers you something serious, well prepared and with a refined artwork.

They continue with their themes focused on psychiatric disorders, intense and mysterious internal pains and afflictions, let alone Death and Horror.

The whole disaster begins with an intro that evokes breezes taken from the subconscious of a psychopath and that ends with the last rattles of a dying person by unnameable scourges. And it comes as an avalanche of bones, blood and rotten flesh "Perception Atrophy". The first thing I feel is that I am opening a new LP of Blood Feast or Sacrifice, but the macabre sound lands me in something more malignant and focused on a corrosive Death Metal, and aggressive in the purest style of "Scream Bloody Gore" or "Spiritual Healing", but in this last case it would be with a sound of setting totally immersed in darkness, very close in moments to Black Metal and if your senses are still able to perceive you will notice in the distance soft, but precise whispers of Doom Metal.

Apparently these four horsemen of the apocalypse, found a sound niche as particular as dead, although it is very typical of MORTIFY, in cuts like. "Inner Torment" or the homonymous, are distinguished influences of ancestral spawns, of the stature of: Nocturnus, Immolation, Cadaver and decrepit beings by style. As far as the sound of the recording is concerned, it's like listening to the "Scream Bloody Gore", "Morbid Visions" or the "I.N.R.I". And the voice recalls one of the classic colors of the Chilean under... Alejandro Díaz de Atomic Aggressor.

While "Mortuary Remains", it is a classic Death Metal, exhaled by a new band. You can see the experience, rehearsals and clear ideas without haste or wrong steps, since his music is accurate, deadly and incisive, without resorting to extreme speeds of the executions of riffs, bases or spit guttural squawking like a wild locomotive. On the contrary, the speeds are the exact ones to inflict the maximum damage and reach all that dark environment that emanates from its scars.

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