Unveiling the Black Death Underground: An Exclusive Interview with Black Moon Necromancer from Witchcraft

Unveiling the Black Death Underground: An Exclusive Interview with Black Moon Necromancer from Witchcraft



Interviewed: Black Moon Necromancer (Witchcraft)

Author: Philipp Kretschmer (Nadasdy Blacksnake)

NB: Hailz, first off all let us know how this split 7ep became real? Who got the idea, how did Escafismo Records got in the deal and was it clear you'll team up with Nameless Tomb straight from the start?

BMN: - Heil to thee Nadasdy. The idea was brought forth by the Pito Mutilador of Nameless Tomb already some time ago and I think I asked Escafismo if they would be interested releasing it. As always, it took some time by our side to get anything done but as far as i know, we never rejected Mutilador's offer to share the black wax as this is pure black underground necromancy.


NB: Let's clear one thing, as far as I know Witchcraft is not Black Feast renamed but a new band- a new child. Or am I wrong and it's the continuation? Why did Witchcraft change to just Witchcraft after first naming it Blasphemous Witchcraft?

BMN: - Witchcraft is completely its own entity. Black Feast split up and was lay down to the grave. For good, period. May every worm of the ground understand this wisdom of the highest truth. Over time the same members joined to Witchcraft due the circumstances so there have never been any name change except from Blasphemous Witchcraft to simplified Witchcraft. It was (and most likely it still is) impossible to find any members from the local region if you want to have any real band activities. In hindsight, i regret switching from the name Blasphemous Witchcraft. I can't recollect the details but it had something to do with our failed tour/ first shows. The name Blasphemous Witchcraft lived very short time without recording anything proper or official. We weren't happy to situation and things were just left to fade away until we cleared the table by shortening the name to Witchcraft. At the time it made sense but really fuck all that, there's no reason to think back as Witchcraft is already well known name in the underground and to be honest, a way more known than i ever expected it to be.


NB: Do you still listen to your older outputs such as „Tumultous Dark Offertory“ ? If you compare the sound on that with the most recent like the „Black Imprecation“ Rehearsal or splits with Aske and Perverted Ceremony what's different these days and whats same compared to back then?

BMN- The more harsh or raw the ripp or dubbing of „Tumultuous Dark Offertory“, the better. It deserves it's sounds to get brutally destroyed to accomplish the atmosphere of being moulded in impurity of hell! Excluding the execution, i still like the song writing on it and we're gonna record those tracks again when there's a right moment for it. Not much have changed except maby we are better at playing and more aware of the recording equipments yet still the blood drags us sometimes to the morning radio tape recorder..haha, true necro. All the mentioned releases were recorded in our old rehearsal room so part of that sound can't be reproduced. Now we have a new space after a year of silence and the uttermost atmosphere of the music will only gain more eerie malicious influences.


NB: Is Witchcraft a Beheritian Black Metal? I think there is some Beherit traces in your sound but you developed a individual approach too. You hold the old glory flame and yet walk a path of your own as well. Does Witchcraft sound Finnish? On the other hand I think the contemporary & the Finnish sound of the past two decades in Black Metal is radical different to Witchcraft. Any comments?

BMN:- Bands like Beherit, Impurity, Mastomah, Cthonium, Dead Christ encapsulates the essence of the true metal of death. The epitome of the goat worship death funeral metal! We are influenced by Samael, Corpse Molestation, Sarcófago, Rator, Rotting Christ, Barathrum, Satanic Evil, Blasphemy, SexTrash, Exmortes, Morbid Angel and overall the underground black death metal scene. Beherit is one of the biggest influences for Witchcraft but not only their lethal the most evil music but aswell, and equally important, their effort to the old brutal scene. The last bestial noise bands from Finland were Blasphemous Evil, Beliar, Goatsodomy, early Anal Blasphemy, Vomitfago, old Slugathor and the most recent Darkera, Depravement and Infernal Darkness (the fucking ultimates in grave deseraction!). Where ever the influences may come from, being from south america or south-east asia, it all goes through finnish filter i guess. I agree about the radical difference you mentioned, style like this have never been overly popular to play here and hopefully it never will be. It is rather amusing to hear newer bands being told of ripping off +-30 years old obscure sound when there are 1000  faceless groups playing this nowadays popular finnish black metal style and getting praised as gods. Same goes for brain rotted punks and crusts who grumble about the same thing yet they have no problem loving another 1000 hardcore bands who sound exactly alike. Fucking turkeys can have their absurd ideals, i don't care.


NB: I know that in Finland the underground scene is very loyal to it's own Country bands & you have strong support among each other. Finland has vital scenes in Metal but also Noise/ Harshnoise/ Noisecore and Punk. Is the main support torwards Witchcraft coming merely from abroad or from your own Country? Or it's almost 50/50?

BMN: - The term „underground“ as i understand and believe in it is nothing but a dying folklore here. Even if the contemporary use of it, no one are interested to actually live it or keep it alive, instead whoring it like everywhere else. Sure there are always execptions, single black souls who are obsessed by the old blood a bit more than herds to say it slightly. I wish in future bands would take more influences from the era itself but this all is like cathing a rainbow. All we care is the old black death scene, the eternal black flame, and to witness the death of the underground each day makes me glorify and cherish the past merely more. And by saying this i do not mean that we don't like any new bands of course. The most of our support comes from abroads, Greece, Germany, US, Italy, Brasil, Spain, Argentina, Peru..Finland too have been upholding by many reliable labels and gig organisers.


NB: Similar to the bands out of Japan, the bands of Finland seem to have received more attention in the past two decades than bands from other Countries. At least in my eyes. Do you agree and if so why you think is that?

BMN: - I haven't pay attention but hail to the eastern forces of evil!


NB: Over the years you guys had quite a lot of side projects/ bands too like Ceremonial Torture, Necromonarchia Daemonum, Haades, Infernathan, Darkera, Moonfall among others. Will you continue with some of them? Some are buried I guess and some were one time release acts or not? What surprises me most is the most bands sounds very different to each other & to Witchcraft, which is not the case most of the times when people have „many“ bands.  

BMN: - Many projects borns impusively and i don't see any reason to limit my visions nor myself as that would completely stand against my will and spirit. They all have their own personal feel and creative mindset, otherwise i would not need them to be separated from the Witchcraft. I don't usually bury my projects as you never know if you shall return to it. The bands you mentioned are all still existing and releasing new material. The slowing factor was the change of our rehearsal room as we were able to play whenver we wanted to unlike now when we have to share the space.


NB: On 26th of March 2023 you'll finally play in Brazil after it had to be postponed because of Corona. Witchcraft will play alongside Archgoat, Mystifier, Goat Semen...but also lesser famous and great acts like Mausoleum, Bode Preto or Tormentador will share the stage. What a billing man. Is there one thing you plan in particular, will you play some Brazilian coversong and is there a band you want to see in particular?

BMN:- We haven't decided our final set yet but most likely it will include something special. We are already playing a half Witchcraft half Beherit set with Sodomatic Slaughter of Beherit joining on drums. It's a great line up but Goat Semen always of course as they are the highest beast of warfeare noise!


NB: Any other future concerts abroad planned? Also what releases you have in mind to follow?

BMN: - There have been talk and plans but nothing to really tell about at this point. New albums of Abysmal Lord and Asphodelus are worth to keep eye on. Anything new what the alliances are preparing of course.


NB: A question to finish, something I always liked was that Witchcraft also released private/ semi official tapes and shared rehearsal recordings. Will you continue to do this or from now on only official outputs?

BMN: - Continue, always. We'll cause your death, we'll spread evil!


NB: Thank you for the interview, finish it as you want & I hope this split 7ep will reach the correct hands of underground maniacs and all the best for your future activities! 

BMN: - Thanks to everyone who directly ordered the last cassettes, we'll toast you the chalices of blasphemy! Heil to Expulsed Angel and Escafismo!

- Black Moon Necromancer 13/11/2022 ANNO LUPUS -

+++ Nameless Tomb / Witchcraft - 7" split will be out this October 2023 +++



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