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Ancient Dark Productions

Vomit Angel (Dnk) "Sadomatic Evil" - CDs

Vomit Angel (Dnk) "Sadomatic Evil" - CDs

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Black / Death / Thrash / War metal grindcore from Denmark. Opener ‘Sadomator’ is a thudding, rough and ready slab of retching death metal with dense, blackened overtones. That’s what you can expect here; some of the most primal death metal stuff there is. This is like an archaic discovery, hidden amongst brutality and technical sheen where the death spirit lives. The relentless ‘Voices in the Wind’ moves with primitive fury; lacking grace and subtlety but making up for it with the purity of spirit. This is an eighteen-minute assault on anything new and shiny. This is the death metal dragged from mossy crevices; from swamps of cloying tar, from darkness itself. Only that can explain the truly awesome rumble from ‘Female Goat Perversion’!!

Weight: 80 grs


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