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Burial Stone (US) "Lost History" - 12" LP ***New in Stock***

Burial Stone (US) "Lost History" - 12" LP ***New in Stock***

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Burial Stone is slow rotten filth, caveman doomy Death Metal, or call it just old school Death Metal. The "Lost history" debut recording by this New Jersey (U.S.A.) duo really sounds like it should have been recorded back in late 80's or 1990, not a single day later. No sights of modern technology or studio abuse but massive bass, obscure mid tempo rhythms, mesmerizing guitar leads and deep caveman growls across the 3 long songs of this Burial Stone demo. Completed with an extra track recorded for the 'New Jersey metal Attack Vol.3' Compilation, it now gets a well-deserved 12" vinyl treatment by new born Death Mace Records label in a limited edition of 200 copies.

Like a bastard son of an incestuous relationship between pre 90's Dutch, North American and Finnish Death Metal scenes, Burial Stone manages to get a sound with hints of Asphyx, Winter, Autopsy, Necro Schizma, Rottrevore or Funebre.

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