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Alder Glade (Oz) "Lunar Majesty" - Cassette ***Coming Soon***

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€666,00 EUR
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€666,00 EUR

Four years after his album Drøüyn, the one behind this project recreated another gem. This time it was toned down a bit the aggression and indulged into a more soft and mellow songwriting with a cleaner production, not a sparkly clean one but easier to absorb specially noticeable on the vocals. Also the EP's tempo is much slower than the latest release and with heavier use of synths. For me these changes show some maturity in the songwriting and allows the listener to get a finer idea on the artist's capabilities and also resulting in two amazing songs. Just as a side note check the last three minute progression, around 20:42, over vocals where he starts from wispering tone and how it builds up till the music's explosion.

A magic serenade to the moon...

Pre-order TBA soon.


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